2 April 2010

Easter treats. Barolo 2004, South Africa Sauvignon Blanc 1996

To celebrate Easter, we decided to open special wines, for special occasions

Barolo Rochette vino DOCG 2004 ,
Barolo is such a "serious" and "powerful" wine that it's hard to make time for it- let alone an appropriate meal for it. There is a good chance that you remember the last time you had some, as it is the type to leave an impression with the wine drinker. Barolo Rochette 2004 is a classic Barolo, made in an outstanding vintage.  Gorgeous aromas of roses, truffles and orange peal underneath all the Barolo firmness. Medium bodied with a lengthy finish of tea, chocolate and Oaky tones. Ideal with spring lamb!

Chamonix Vineyard 1996 Sauvignon Blanc
Unless you had in the past purchased a bottle of Chamonix's Sauvignon Blanc from us, it is very unlikely that you ever came across  South African white with so much age. Not that New World wines don't keep, it is just that the world is not yet interested in aging them. I can assure you, and please come and see for yourself, the result is incredible, after 14 years, there is still plenty of ripe tropical fruits in the bottle, pineapple, grapefruit, quince, they are all there, creamy and lightly buttery, well integrated oak, with undertones of vanilla and a long, long finish...