16 February 2010

Nyetimber this past weekend at the market

This past weekend Charlie Mount from Nyetimber was at the market to pour the Nyetimber 2003 Classic Cuvee and 2001 Blanc de blanc for all of our eager customers.

People were queueing to sample the award winning English sparkler, and with good reason. Nyetimber's 2003 Classic Cuvee was recently crowned "Champion of Worldwine Sparkling Wines" in a competition run by Bollicini del Mondo. Nyetimber beat such competition as Louis Roederer, Pommery and Joseph Perrier to get top honors. 

The Cuvee 2003 was a big hit, crisp and fresh with lovely yeasty bready notes on the nose and palate. Many people were surprised at the quality of the wine, not sure what to expect from English sparkling wine. Nyetimber proved to them that the English can and do make excellent sparkling wines.

The 2001 Blanc de blanc was another delightful surprise. A totally different creature, the blanc de blanc is comprised of 100% chardonnay unlike the '03 which is a blend of the three classic sparkling wine grapes, chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. The '01 was winning over converts with it's fresh green apple character on the nose and palate followed by the classic chardonnay profile of lemons and a perfect minerality to drive it all forward.

We are now stocking both the Classic Cuvee 2003 (£30) and the Blanc de blanc '2001 (£32). You can find us in the market on Thursday and Friday from 10:30 to 6pm and Saturdays all day from 8:30 - 5pm.