5 February 2010

Ch du Daley Gama Nera to try and chat with the winemaker, Sat 6 Feb

This morning I went on a sales call with the winemaker of Ch. du Daley, Cyril Severin. Cyril walked me and our prospective clients through his wines and the one I absolutely adored (although all the others are fantastic as well) was the Gama Nera.

A blend of 2 Swiss varietals, gamanet and garanoir, Cyril believes in planting and making wines that are best suited to each locale. So none of this syrah from Switzerland or merlot from his lakeside. Cyril wants to produce only the best Swiss wines made from Swiss grapes.

The Gama Nera 2008 had a very powerful nose, aromas of spice, cedar and full on red fruits followed onto an elegant body with a plenty of structure. Cyril uses oak barriques to give his wines a bit of struture. Tasting of more woody spiciness and dark cherries this was not your usual run of the mill wine, a wine with an excellent and long finish. It was a shame I had to spit it out but we had other appointments to attend.

You, however, can come down to Borough Market and visit us and Cyril in the stall tomorrow, Sat. 6th Feb where Cyril will be chatting about and pouring the Gama Nera as well as his other wines from 10am to 5pm. See you then!