27 January 2010

The wines of Cahors and Madiran on tasting, Jan 21-23, '10

We've got some cracking wines on tasting this weekend. Focusing on the wines of South West France, most specifically Cahors, Madiran and Jurancon sec and Jurancon Moelleux. 

Mention malbec and you're more then likely to think of Argentina but malbec's true home is Cahors, close to the town of Toulouse. They have been growing malbec in Cahors for ages but not until recent new technologies and exciting new winemakers have entered the area, has the region been recognized for producing fantastic, well made wines.  This weekend we are featuring Ch. les Croisille's wines made by the well known winemaker Pascal Veraghe.

We are also showcasing another varietal that has long been overlooked, the tannat grape from the Madiran. 2 wines from the Ch. Perron will be on tasting, one a blend of tannat and cabernet sauvignon (oaked) the Grand Perron 2006, the other Ch. Perron 2006, a blend of tannat, cabernet sauv. and cab. franc

As for the whites, we've got some wines from the Jurancon in the Pyrenees made from indigenous varietals. One is a dry table white wine, the Ch. du Jurque featuring crisp, savoury flavours with striking minerality. And the sweetie, a Jurancon moelleux made from indigenous varietals and which is perfect with foie gras!

So do come and visit we're looking forward to sharing the wine....